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Jan 042011

So you’ve either just joined us from Part 1, where we learned how to emulate button presses on an RF outlet remote control, or you decided you’d rather skip that portion and go straight to the Network/Arduino link. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. In this tutorial, we will learn how to control the Arduino from a website residing on your own home server. As a disclaimer, I’m aware of several different methods of accomplishing the same thing with various Arduino shields, but I had a home server and no shields, so this is the method I chose. Let’s dive in… Continue reading »

Dec 092010

Home automation/security has always been a passion of mine. Sure, there are plenty of commercial kits out there to buy, but I’d rather DIY, especially if it means saving a buck or two. This 2 part series will explain how to cheaply control electrical outlets in your home using an Arduino. Even if you don’t care for home automation, the information from this tutorial will give you serial access to the Arduino over the network, so you can feasibly do ANYTHING, as long as the Arduino is capable of controlling it.
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