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Dec 192012

So apparently I’m a trending author on the Digital Commons for Electrical and Computer Engineering for my graduate thesis on unmanned quadrotor control. Over 5100 total downloads and over 500 in the last month. Maybe I should dig up my notes and get the useless hunk of parts in my garage flying :)

Nov 132012

In Sept 2011 I put together a quick online utility to convert the XML file output from one of Seeed Studio’s DSO Nano pocket oscilloscope’s into a browser generated plot. The tool is rather bare bones at the moment, but I just discovered that Dangerous Prototypes (advocates and sellers of open source hardware) made a blog post about my tool. It’s nice to know that someone noticed it. Maybe I should spend a few cycles adding some more features and making it more useful.

Sep 252011

I had the chance to participate in the 2011 Warrior Dash in Manchester, TN. Warrior Dash is a 5K Adventure Race that promises to be the “craziest frickin’ day of your life”. Having never done anything other than non-adventure 5K’s, I did some homework before the race to get some tips from veterans. Below you’ll find a summary of those tips and things I wish I had done.

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Jun 022011

Just a quick push for the psychological effects of cataloging what people (users, customers, or clients) have accomplished. The article below shows how an elementary school corrected all sorts of ill behavior by offering small rewards and achievement tracking during recess. It’s worthwhile to think how you could apply this principle to anything in life, from development to management.

May 092011

Most successful mobile applications have a handful of traits in common. When developing a mobile app (iOS, Android, etc) it’s important to remember that you’re developing it to be USED. If it doesn’t exhibit several of the characteristics below, it doesn’ t necessarily mean it won’t be useful, but it probably won’t be as penetrating in the market.

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