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Jul 212012

This exhibit was another contract through the Explorium of Lexington. The Explorium had acquired an out-of-date trainer cockpit in which museum patrons could sit and marvel at the number of controls available to pilots, and use their imagination to take to the skies. They approached us (myself and Enomalies (Bill Gregory)) with a request to liven up the simulator with lights, a joystick and sound effects. We did them one better. We installed a gaming joystick in the cockpit and developed two games to engage the users in the wonders of flight. Check out the video below to view the flight simulator in action:

The video shows me playing the flight simulator game, where the objective is to fly through all the pink balls on the map. The other game (not shown) is a modern spin on the popular Asteroids arcade game. The patrons take control of a space ship and navigate an asteroid field in 3D while using their lasers to blast apart space rock and debris.

The games are projected on a screen sitting in front of the pilot to immerse them in the action. Both games were extremely well received, and the biggest complaint we got was the quarrels that resulted from too many patrons waiting in line to play.

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